Group Walks

Our team of walkers ensure that each dog's happiness is put to the forefront of their mind. Interacting with the dogs, playing with them and giving them tonnes of attention  and making sure they are fully mentally and physically stimulated so you come home to a tired and content pup. Group walks are £14 per dog.

Solo Walks

These walks are suited to dogs who need a little bit of extra care taken on their walks. Perhaps they don't get on with other dogs, have only just been adopted and need some extra attention. This is where we can help. We tailor these solo walks to suit your dogs exact needs and ensure your dog has the walk they deserve! Solo walks are £25 per dog.


Walk & Train

These walks are for people who want to work on a specific issue with their dog but perhaps don't have the time to do this every day, or on every walk. For certain training hurdles, consistency is key and this is where our Walk & Train service comes in. We do the training for you and then let you know how to carry on with the progress we have made.

Amey has been walking and providing daycare for our Whippet Kip for almost a year now. She’s absolutely great: Kip always comes back from his walks knackered, and a tired Whippet is definitely a happy Whippet! She’s really flexible too, which is great for our schedules as we both work shift patterns and no two days are the same. We couldn’t have a dog in London without her. We also use Amey when we go away and we feel totally assured that Kip is in safe hands. We’ve also noticed improvements in his behaviour: Amey has really curbed his enthusiasm for youngsters and generally helped us chill him out - young Whippets can be quite the handful! We couldn’t recommend her enough.
— Tomek, Kip's Owner