Where it all began…


About Amey

I’d always wanted to become a qualified dog trainer & behaviourist and spent many years researching and reading as much about the profession that I could find! What once was a bucket-list dream became a reality when I became a fully accredited and qualified dog trainer under the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and later joined The Pet Professional Guild.

Before making this move, I had been working in an office and struggled daily to find someone reliable and trustworthy to walk my own dogs, let alone look after them for longer periods of time if I needed. After all, putting a member of your family in someone else’s hands and trusting them to look after them as you would yourself is difficult to find.

After being let down again and again, I really focused on turning my dream into a reality by getting my qualifications and starting my own business so that I could give people a service I had missed out on.

I hope that with my experience, reliability, passion and knowledge I can continue to make a difference to the dogs I meet and give people the tools they need to manage their pets and make their dog-owning experience more enjoyable and less stressful.